ULSS 4 "ALTO VICENTINO" – U.O.S. "Pet Therapy"

The Local Health Unit 4 "Alto Vicentino", acting as public body, provides social and health services of prevention, treatment and rehabilitation to the citizens of 32 afferent municipalities, ensuring even urgent and emergency services.

The working group of the basic Operational Unit “Pet Therapy” is composed by a Veterinarian, a Psychologist, a professional health educator and an administrative worker and some volunteers. We are working with 10 dogs, both crossbred and breed dogs. We deal mainly with Animal assisted Activities and Animal Assisted Education projects. We are really committed in Scientific research with the aim of giving more and more value and show the effectiveness of AAA. We work with physically, mentally and psychic disabled people, minors, adults and elderly people. We deal also with forms of autism, and general development disorders and dementia.

At present we are concluding 2 scientific projects:

Moreover we deal with the training, organizing courses both for dog trainers and all the professional profiles working close to the patient (psychologists, professional health educators, doctors, nurses) that in Italy, within the AAI are called "references of the intervention"("Referenti di Intervento").

We also have a role of supervisor for public and private structures that aim at implementing teams or projects of AAA.