Description of the organisation

Associazione N.E.T. is a not for profit association founded in 2001 by experts of the training and educational sector. Net addresses above all disadvantaged people like women, long term unemployed, elderly, disabled people and single parents to support them from a social, training and employment point of view. The association is very active at local and regional level by collaborating with public organisations and institutions like Regions, Municipalities, Local Health Units (ULSS), Universities, Chambers of Commerce but not only. Associazione N.E.T. belongs to MAG (Network for the mutual organisation and self management) and is very active in the third sector to develop self sustainable and fair activities and to develop a sustainable economy through micro credit by collaborating with cooperatives and associations of the private sector that in Italy substitute the Public sector in many situations. Associazione N.E.T. has recently started to collaborate with organisations of the public sector dealing with AAA and AAT.