Akademia Humanistyczno-Ekonomiczna w Łodzi (AHE) is an accredited higher education institution and provides bachelor, master, postgraduate, PhD studies and courses for various target groups. The university focuses on educational research, innovative teaching and e-learning.

Staff includes approximately 600 permanent employees: researchers, teachers, trainers, supporting staff (financial, administrative, technical staff), and specialists in various areas. The key fields of study and research there are: pedagogy, psychology, innovative teaching and learning methods (e.g. new technologies in teaching), social problems, EQF and NQF.

AHE works with a lot of different target groups: e.g. youth, students, seniors, teachers, trainers, people of various professions, children, disadvantaged youth and unemployed. AHE’s project experience includes over 150 projects completed either as coordinator or partner during the last 10 years. We have coordinated mainly LLP (Leonardo, Grundtvig, Erasmus) projects, but also Culture, Daphne, ESF.

The university is an expert in: research and analysis, designing of curricula, implementation of courses, piloting, e-learning and development of e-learning platforms, tools, materials, dissemination, courses of creativity, self development, workshops, seminars and EU projects management.

AHE’s main strengths include also: easy access to various target groups and network of contacts on regional and national level.